How to create a successful global gateway

If someone from outside the US lands on your US-centric .com home page, what is their first impression? And what if they don’t speak English? What visual and textual clues will they look for when searching for a localized websites …

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The Delta global gateway and the missing scrollbar

Scrollbars are one of those UI elements that you don’t realize you miss until they’re gone. Of course their prime role is to allow you to scroll up and down. But they also provide an equally important role — in …

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The Global Evolution of Nike

Awhile back, I documented the evolution of Now let’s take a look at I hope you like it — and I welcome suggestions for future videos. PS: Nike is ranked #52 in the 2021 Web Globalization Report Card.

Lead the World to Your Website on July 27th

A localized website is of little value if local users cannot find it. And yet many global websites continue to make visual and technical mistakes that keep local websites effectively hidden from their intended visitors around the world. Which is …

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Think beyond .com: From country codes to internationalized domain names

One of the major takeaways from the Web Globalization Report Card is the importance of providing “front doors” to your localized websites. These doors begin with the addresses themselves, which may not include the .com domain. In fact, I’d recommend …

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Tesla’s global website shifts into reverse

Tesla was benchmarked in the 2019 Web Globalization Report Card. Of the 16 companies studied, Tesla finished in the lower half (higher scoring than Honda and Subaru, but still with a number of recommended improvements). Sadly, based on a recent …

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