Singles Day: The world’s largest shopping day

As I mentioned a few days ago, Singles Day arrived well before the official start: 11/11. But now that it has officially arrived, a thought a few screen shots would be in order. First off, Chinese ecommerce giant reports …

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Singles day is coming! On many websites it’s already here

As I write this on November 5th, Singles Day (November 11th “11.11”) is nearly a week away. Singles Day is the world’s biggest shopping day, a virtual event that originated in China, popularized by Alibaba, and, thanks in large part …

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The Global Evolution of Nike

Awhile back, I documented the evolution of Now let’s take a look at I hope you like it — and I welcome suggestions for future videos. PS: Nike is ranked #52 in the 2021 Web Globalization Report Card.

The top 50 global websites of 2020

As we pass the mid-point of a very strange year, I wanted to share the top 50 websites from the 2020 Web Globalization Report Card. In years past I’ve limited myself to posting the top 25 companies, but I’m thinking …

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The top 25 global websites of 2016

  UPDATE: The 2017 Web Globalization Report Card is now available. I’m pleased to announce the publication of the 2016 Web Globalization Report Card and, with it, the top 25 websites: Google Facebook Wikipedia NIVEA Nestlé Pampers Adobe …

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