The Worldly Marketer Podcast: Top 10 List

I participated in Kathrin Busman’s prolific podcast back in 2020 and am in very good company in this list she’s curated: Here are shortcuts to each of the podcasts: #TWM169 with Melanie Chevalier#TWM167 with Todd Cornell 康鸿熹#TWM171 with Chris Englund#TWM174 with Cynthia Dearin#TWM168 with Lars M. B. Anthonisen#TWM185 with Yingying (李莹莹) Li #TWM172 with Arnold …

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The tragic irony of Amazon vs. Amazon

Imagine if a Brazilian technology company created an online store called Appalachia. And, over the years, grew to become a global giant, so much so that the company pursued exclusive ownership of the top-level domain Appalachia. So not only …

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The internet may connect devices, but language connects people.

I had an OpEd published this week in the Los Angeles Times about the importance of languages — and the slow but steady increase in languages supported by the world’s leading brands… America’s biggest brands are increasingly multilingual

What’s the world’s most multilingual website? (2018 update)

A few months ago, I wrote an essay for Multilingual in which I noted that the world’s most multilingual website isn’t Google or Facebook or even Wikipedia. It is the website of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. As I noted in the …

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Languages are a means to an end, a journey as well as a destination

I recently wrote an op-ed for the Seattle Times about the importance and value of thinking globally. Here’s an excerpt: Consider Starbucks. In 2003, this aspiring global company supported a mere three languages. Today, it supports 25, which may sound …

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