The best 25 global websites from the 2023 Web Globalization Report Card

Cover of the 2023 Web Globalization Report Card

I’m pleased to announce the publication of the 2023 Web Globalization Report Card.  This is the 19th annual edition of the Report Card, yes, 19th. And while there are a number of very familiar faces in this list, there are some …

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Language is a feature. It’s time more companies treated it as one

For many years, the addition of languages (as part of website localization) has ranked one of the least-promoted developments on any given website. Languages were added. End of story. Perhaps this is because localization teams have rarely been looked upon …

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Duolingo’s year-end language insights

I’ve long appreciated how Duolingo removes so much friction from trying on a new language — and demystifying languages in general. Duolingo now claims an impressive 500 million language learners around the world. Based on its latest year-end post, here …

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