Singles day is coming! On many websites it’s already here

As I write this on November 5th, Singles Day (November 11th “11.11”) is nearly a week away.

Singles Day is the world’s biggest shopping day, a virtual event that originated in China, popularized by Alibaba, and, thanks in large part to Amazon’s global reach, is fast becoming a global shopping extravaganza. It has also become a multi-day extravaganza.

A growing number of companies are now promoting this retail holiday on their China websites, such as with Nike, seen below.

Not to be outdone, Under Armour is also pre-promoting Singles Day:

Who said automakers can’t take part in the fun?

Buick, a popular brand in China, is also gearing up for the holiday:

Finally, we have Amazon China.

As you can see below, Amazon makes it clear that this day will also be celebrated in Japan, the US, UK and Germany.

Singles Day is coming. Are you ready?

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