How to create a successful global gateway

If someone from outside the US lands on your US-centric .com home page, what is their first impression?

And what if they don’t speak English? What visual and textual clues will they look for when searching for a localized websites or content? Do you offer a global gateway menu? And does it (smartly) avoid flags?

Surprisingly, companies that support 50 or more localized websites don’t often think through the experiences of millions of visitors.

That’s why I created this class:

In two hours you will learn:

  • The four core elements of a successful global gateway strategy
  • Country codes and brand top-level domains and how they drive traffic to local sites
  • How to better align global SEO with your localized websites
  • The many risks of using flags (and websites that have dropped them)

Along the way, we’ll analyze the global gateways employed by websites such as Amazon, Apple, IKEA, Microsoft and others.

Here is a brief introduction to the class:

The class will be held online on October 27th, 2023.

Click here to learn more and register.

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