Why Adobe is one of the best global websites

For the 2022 Web Globalization Report Card, we benchmarked the following 16 consumer technology websites: Adobe Apple Canon Dell Fujifilm HP Lenovo LG Microsoft Nikon Nintendo Panasonic Samsung Sony Toshiba Xiaomi (Mi) Adobe emerged as number one for a second year …

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The top 25 global websites from the 2022 Web Globalization Report Card

I’m pleased to announce the publication of the 2022 Web Globalization Report Card.  This is the 18th annual edition of the Report Card, and it reflects another difficult year. And yet there is much to be optimistic about as we look …

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How to organize a global website when you’re just beginning to go global

taking .com global IDNs

This blog post originated from an email I received recently from someone starting a small business and wondering how to manage all those newly localized websites. Specifically: Should I make a webpage with the name of the country I am …

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Bookshop.org: The anti-Amazon is going global

As an author and small publisher, I’m excited to see the rapid growth — and globalization — of the online bookstore Bookshop.org. Bookshop.org positions itself as the anti-Amazon, by working with independent bookstores to share revenues more generously. There referral …

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Five reasons to avoid using maps on your website

Robert Frost wrote that good fences make good neighbors. Yet when it comes to virtual fences, visualized as maps, I’m not sure there is any way to create “good fences.” So many regions around the world are under dispute. And …

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World Usability Day is coming… register today

Did you know that World Usability Day is November 11th? There is an impressive virtual event planned for this day and hosted by the Cleveland User Experience Professionals Association. Here is a list of speakers including yours truly: Colin C. …

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Last chance to register for Lead the World to Your Website

There are still a few days left before I teach a two-hour class devoted to best practices in global navigation. July 27th9am to 11am PSTClass link You’ll learn: The four core elements of a successful global gateway strategy Country codes …

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The Global Evolution of Nike

Awhile back, I documented the evolution of Apple.com. Now let’s take a look at Nike.com. I hope you like it — and I welcome suggestions for future videos. PS: Nike is ranked #52 in the 2021 Web Globalization Report Card.