Tiffany: The best luxury website of 2016

This year, we benchmarked the following seven luxury websites for the 2016 Web Globalization Report Card: Burberry Cartier Gucci Hermès Louis Vuitton Ralph Lauren Tiffany Out of these websites Tiffany emerged on top, largely because of its investment in global …

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Are you celebrating India’s festival season? Amazon sure is

Flipkart has long been the dominant ecommerce retailer in India, but Amazon is no longer content to remain in second place. Amazon launched its Great Indian Festival promotion this week with free prizes including a number of cars, even a free home. Just a day …

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Canon launches .canon along with improved global web design

Canon recently launched its generic top-level domain (gTLD) .canon at In doing so, the company plans to migrate away from to .canon, presumably with different divisions and/or geographies occupying subdomains. The company writes: Until now, the URL we used for …

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Notes from Singles Day 2015

And so it has begun: The world’s biggest online shopping day.

In China.

More than $9 billion dollars was spent this day last year and experts are forecasting a number well north of that this year.

As I’ve been doing for the past few years, I’ve collected a few screen grabs of localized websites in China. Here are the latest:



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The top 25 global websites from the 2014 Web Globalization Report Card

UPDATE: The 2017 Web Globalization Report Card is now available. More than ten years ago I set out to create a report that benchmarked global websites. I looked at languages supported. I studied the localized websites. I interviewed the executives …

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