The tragic irony of Amazon vs. Amazon

Imagine if a Brazilian technology company created an online store called Appalachia. And, over the years, grew to become a global giant, so much so that the company pursued exclusive ownership of the top-level domain Appalachia. So not only …

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The internet may connect devices, but language connects people.

I had an OpEd published this week in the Los Angeles Times about the importance of languages — and the slow but steady increase in languages supported by the world’s leading brands… America’s biggest brands are increasingly multilingual TweetShareShare

What’s the world’s most multilingual website? (2018 update)

A few months ago, I wrote an essay for Multilingual in which I noted that the world’s most multilingual website isn’t Google or Facebook or even Wikipedia. It is the website of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. As I noted in the …

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Are you celebrating India’s festival season? Amazon sure is

Flipkart has long been the dominant ecommerce retailer in India, but Amazon is no longer content to remain in second place. Amazon launched its Great Indian Festival promotion this week with free prizes including a number of cars, even a free home. Just a day …

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