Singles Day: The world’s largest shopping day

As I mentioned a few days ago, Singles Day arrived well before the official start: 11/11. But now that it has officially arrived, a thought a few screen shots would be in order. First off, Chinese ecommerce giant reports …

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Singles day is coming! On many websites it’s already here

As I write this on November 5th, Singles Day (November 11th “11.11”) is nearly a week away. Singles Day is the world’s biggest shopping day, a virtual event that originated in China, popularized by Alibaba, and, thanks in large part …

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Notes from Singles Day 2015

And so it has begun: The world’s biggest online shopping day.

In China.

More than $9 billion dollars was spent this day last year and experts are forecasting a number well north of that this year.

As I’ve been doing for the past few years, I’ve collected a few screen grabs of localized websites in China. Here are the latest:



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Amazon pluralizes Singles Day

Leave it to Amazon to turn Single Day plural. And why not. If we can extend Black Friday to Cyber Monday, why not extend Singles day an extra day? Here’s a screen grab of the Amazon China home page (note that the …

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