The Globalization of Enterprise Content Management Software

From SharePoint to Documentum to Interwoven, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software provides the information infrastructure for  large enterprises, both internally and externally. And although most ECM developers will eagerly say their software is “global” — not all software is equal …

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Nike -> Brike

From today’s Wall Street Journal: Nike Inc. aims to boost annual revenues more than 40% to $27 billion over the next five years by adding new stores and rapidly expanding affiliate brands such as Converse, Umbro and Hurley. The sneaker …

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For the love of Chinglish

As Shanghai cleans up its more humorous Chinese to English mistranslations, some folks are feeling wistful. Check out the NYT slideshow. Also, I was just told that the Telegraph has quite a trove of mistranslated signage here. TweetShareShare