Country Codes of the World Cup

It’s almost here. Just a month away. The 2010 World Cup! There are 32 countries competing in the World Cup, which means 32 country codes. In celebration of those 32 ccTLDs, I created the visual above (and one other). You …

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The dawn of a new URL

ICANN announced today that its first full-length IDN has gone live. Here it is: http://وزارة-الأتصالات.مصر Give it a test drive. I just did (on the Mac) and Firefox, Safari, and Chrome all worked fine. Here is Safari: Safari is unique …

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Nike -> Brike

From today’s Wall Street Journal: Nike Inc. aims to boost annual revenues more than 40% to $27 billion over the next five years by adding new stores and rapidly expanding affiliate brands such as Converse, Umbro and Hurley. The sneaker …

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For the love of Chinglish

As Shanghai cleans up its more humorous Chinese to English mistranslations, some folks are feeling wistful. Check out the NYT slideshow. Also, I was just told that the Telegraph has quite a trove of mistranslated signage here.