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Country Codes of the World Cup

Country Codes of the World Cup

It’s almost here. Just a month away. The 2010 World Cup!

There are 32 countries competing in the World Cup, which means 32 country codes.

In celebration of those 32 ccTLDs, I created the visual above (and one other). You can download both PDFs for free here.

Also on the topic of country codes, the mascot of the World Cup is named Zakumi — in which “ZA” represents South Africa’s country code.

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3 thoughts on “Country Codes of the World Cup

  1. Hi John,

    Just curious…how did you come up with the 32 countries? I’m browsing the FIFA site and can’t figure out at all how many countries are participating. The FIFA site lists over 200 ranked teams…

  2. I’ve also gotten lost on the FIFA site!

    Thankfully, Wikipedia provides a nice list here:

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