Selected slides from Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet trends report

I always enjoy skimming through Mary Meeker’s annual survey of global Internet trends (now via Bond Capital). What follows are a few slides that jumped out at me. Let’s begin with global Internet users. While Europe, North America and South …

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Stay Classy, San Diego

Just when I think that news websites can’t get any more painful to look at, I visit the home page of the San Diego Union Tribune: I think there is news there somewhere… And here’s another tidbit: Apparently the “newspaper” …

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Adopt a Typewriter Today

Yes, I have a fondness for typewriters. And, yes, I am old enough to have actually used one regularly. Mostly, I miss the way they sound. I’ve memorialized two of my favorite typewriters in these notecards.

Eagle over Seattle

Offtopic, I know, but I have to share. This is a photo of an eagle I snapped yesterday. Normally, I’m a second too late for these types of pics. Such a beautiful bird. And there is a globe in the …

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North of Norway

This post has absolutely nothing to do with web globalization. You’ve been warned. About two years ago Midge and I took a cruise to Svalbard, a group of islands a hundred miles of so south of the polar ice cap. …

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