For the love of typewriters

Awhile back I printed up a batch of typewriter notecards based on a typewriter I had rescued years ago.

It turns out a lot people love these notecards, so we now have a set of four unique typewriter cards.

You can view the full line here.


Stay Classy, San Diego

Just when I think that news websites can’t get any more painful to look at, I visit the home page of the San Diego Union Tribune:

I think there is news there somewhere…

And here’s another tidbit: Apparently the “newspaper” has been recycling its own news.

Adopt a Typewriter Today

Yes, I have a fondness for typewriters. And, yes, I am old enough to have actually used one regularly.

Mostly, I miss the way they sound.

I’ve memorialized two of my favorite typewriters in these notecards.