The dangers of building a brand on a tenuous country code

About two years ago I wrote with concern about’s use of Libya’s country code.

I noted that It’s always important to keep in mind that a company can’t “own” a domain the way it owns real estate.

Now it appears that companies that have built brand names on Libya’s country code are facing difficult times. TechCrunch writes that and have lost their domains as a result of the Libyan crisis.

What about you may wonder?

Awhile back, registered, which I speculated at the time was part of a plan to fully migrate away from .ly.

Perhaps the time to make the migration is now.

PS: I’ve compiled a list country codes used to creatively build brand names.

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2 thoughts on “The dangers of building a brand on a tenuous country code”

  1. I heard a similar story about
    I wonder why people register domains with .ly when they have no connection to Libya?

  2. I personally own a domain registration service, we’re also using a not so common extension. However, I believe that for our purposes, there is no alternative. Great post though!

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