IDN application update: Egypt, Russia, China…

So who’s applied for IDNs so far?

According to ICANN, 10 applications (representing five languages) were submitted over the first four days.

ICANN won’t announce exactly who applied and for what until each application is successful — which pushes us well into 2010.

So I’ve had to turn to press reports from the registries to piece together the data.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • Egypt (Was the first country to apply)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Russia
  • China
  • Bulgaria
  • Israel

Unless a country made more than one application (which I don’t believe is allowed under fast track protocol) I’m still missing three countries. I’m guessing there could be one or more additional Middle East countries. And perhaps Taiwan.

What do you think? What countries/languages am I missing?

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3 thoughts on “IDN application update: Egypt, Russia, China…”

  1. Ukrain – in cyrillic
    Kyrgyzstan – in cyrillic
    Tunisia – in arabic

    Ukrain has no chances because they applied for dot-YKR, which a) can be confused with a latin code, b) has 3 letters, while a ccTLD is limited to 2-letters

    Kyrgyzstan has no chances because they applied for dot-KP which a) also can be confused with a latin code, b) has a latin twin, which is already delegated to North Korea (KP). Allowing a cyrillic dot-KP for Kyrgyzstan may become a disputable precedent.

    Can’t estimate the chances of Tunisia. You can read more on

  2. Hi,

    Bulgaria hasn`t applied for an IDN ccTLD yet.

    The application is going to be sent in about a month.

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