Country Codes of the European Union


I’m pleased to announce a new country codes map, this one devoted to the 27 members of the European Union.

The ccTLDs are sized according to population and to the side is a list of the top 17 ccTLDs by number of registrations.

Germany leads the list of course. I also included .EU, which now has more than 3 million registrations.

Since there are fewer countries to include, this map is smaller than the Country Codes of the World map.

We printed a small quantity because we’re not sure how many folks would want one, but if you, shipping is free for the next month.


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2 thoughts on “Country Codes of the European Union”

  1. I like the layout and colors of the map.
    However, I am rather surprised that you included only the countries that are in the European Union. This means (off the top of my head) that Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro are left out, leaving some ‘holes’ in the map. I am not sure that the governance of internet domain names is in any way related to whether a country is a member of the EU or not…
    Is this intentional or rather from a US perspective: EU = Europe?

  2. The European Union is a political entity of its own : it makes perfect sense not to include countries that are not members in a map of the European Union.

    This is not, after all, a map of Europe.

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