is leaving Libya for the islands


So has launched an even shorter URL:

You can’t get any shorter than this, at least not until we see single-digital TLDs.

I can’t help but wonder if this new URL is a sign that is planning to shift away from its Libyan-dependent domain to one that may be a tad bit more politically stable.

And you could argue that .MP does the trick. It is the domain of the Northern Mariana Islands. It’s also a part of the US (in some legal fashion that I don’t fully understand), which has to make the lawyers at breathe more easily.

So my prediction is that will be replaced by And though might play up the shorter angle for the reason why, I think it’s the legal angle that matters more.

PS: I added to a growing list of these branded country code domains.

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3 thoughts on “ is leaving Libya for the islands”

  1. Why don’t they just use “.us”? Or is there a reason they don’t want to register in the US? Every country domain is 2 letters.

    What is the big problem so many people have following rules? I hate it when web sites use top-level domains improperly. That practice should be banned. Used properly, TLDs can help you narrow down a search.

    Of course what do you expect from a web site that is nothing more than one big 3rd party cookie?

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