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IDNs on are the “fast track”

Could it be happening? Finally? After all these years?

Internationalized domain names at last becoming a reality around the world — and not just in China?

It’s looking that way.

For starters, the IETF is in “last call” of IDNAbis — which is a revision to the 2003 IDNA standard. This revision irons out a number of nagging issues (though not all of them) but more importantly lays the groundwork for ICANN, which has “fast tracked” IDNs for this fall.

And then there are the folks who will provide IDN registrations — the registrars and registries. It looks like .EU is going to support IDNs (though details are vague) an Bulgaria is planning Cyrillic IDNs.

What do you think? Are IDNs going mass market — finally?

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One thought on “IDNs on are the “fast track”

  1. Yep, it’s really happening, and at the top level too, which is the real deal.

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