Of Interwoven, SDL, and Idiom

Interwoven held its user fest this week and unleashed a slew of press releases, two of which caught my eye…

SDL and Interwoven partner
SDL wisely keeps partnering up with the big CMS players. Sun was named as a client who is currently using both SDL and Interwoven successfully.

Toro selects Idiom for Web globalization. And Interwoven is the core CMS.
What’s interesting here is that Toro is just dipping its toes in the Web globalization waters — the French Canadian site is due out shortly. But Toro’s goal is 50 locales.

Also, Wessex Translations is doing the translations on this project and is hosting the Idiom server. This is, to my knowledge, Idiom’s first big success story for its LSP Advantage Program. Not too shabby.

However, I should note that Idiom software makes it easy to “go local” and farm out translation work around the world to freelancers and small translation agencies. I wonder if this will hurt Wessex down the road?

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