Do your web developers know about Globalize?

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Today, the JQuery Foundation has announced availability of Globalize 1.0:

Globalize provides developers with always up-to-date global number formatting and parsing, date and time formatting and parsing, currency formatting, and message formatting. Based on the Unicode Consortium standards and specifications, Globalize uses the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR), the most extensive and widely-used standard repository of locale data. With Globalize, all developers can quickly reach global markets with confidence that their apps and sites will always have the most accurate and up-to-date locale data available.

I published a book a few years back on an early iteration of Globalize. I’m excited to see  jQuery moving forward with Globalize, as it has improved not only the lives of anyone who must internationalize and localize web apps and websites, but also the experience of web users around the world. Because users benefit from seeing dates and times and currencies displayed as they expect them to be displayed for their respective cultures — and displayed consistently across web applications.

If your developers aren’t aware of Globalize, point them to it today.

Visualizing Unicode

Unicode is one the great achievements of our era. It’s also incredibly intimidating.

So I love to come across videos and web sites that help demystify Unicode.

A week ago I came across a video created by jörg piringer that displays, in fast motion, nearly 50,000 Unicode characters. I’ve embedded it below:

The video lasts 33 minutes, and it still only displays about half of all Unicode characters. But even so, the video is a great tool to help people who have never heard of Unicode get a feel for how massive this encoding truly is.

But let’s say you want to see the ENTIRE Unicode set.

Fortunately, Andrew West has created a nifty web page that allows you to view all Unicode characters (fonts permitting) — and at your own leisurely pace. I highly recommend checking it out.

Here is a screen shot of one character:

Source: Michael Kaplan

Upcoming: Speaking at LocWorld and Unicode Conference

I’m happy to be not only attending but speaking at Localization World and Unicode Conference in October.

Here are the details on my sessions:

Localization World
Seattle, WA

  • October 6: International Search Summit
  • October 7: The Next Ten Years of Web Globalization
  • October 7: Making Your Website Truly Global — and No, We’re Not Talking About Language

Unicode Conference
Santa Clara, CA

  • October 19: Improving the Global Gateway: Established and Emerging Trends in Multilingual Navigation

If you’re planning to attend either event, please let me know. I’d love to meet.