The Savvy Client’s Guide to Translation Agencies

I’m pleased to announce the newest edition of The Savvy Client’s Guide to Translation Agencies.

This is the book I wish I had many years ago when I first went looking for a translation agency.

The book is designed to be used as both a learning tool and a reference. The first two-thirds of the book demystifies the terminology, the workflow, and the major technologies now being used. The last third of the book includes a directory of 44 translation agencies, to help executives begin their search.

The book includes:

  • 10 things you should know about the translation industry
  • An overview of machine translation and how it is transforming the industry
  • 10 questions you should ask any prospective translation agency

Also included is expert advice from:

And there is a price quote template courtesy of Eriksen Translations along with advice on how to read between the lines of a translation quote.

Your translation agency is your voice to the world. Select the right agency, and the world will hear you loud and clear. Select the wrong agency, and the world may never know what you have to say—or worse, hear something you never intended to say. This guide will help you select the right agency the first time.

The book is also available in print and Kindle format from Amazon.

Link: Savvy Client’s Guide to Translation Agencies

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