Pro is great news for ccTLD owners

Country code registrars around the world must have been smiling when announced its new enterprise service Pro.

For $995 per month a company can leverage’s platform to support its own custom URL. (UPDATE: You can get Pro for free, but with a usage cap and limited feature set; see comments below).

At this price point, we’re only talking about large companies, but there are plenty of them that will find value in having a branded URL that provides excellent tracking data. reports that 6,000 companies have signed up so far. And while not all of these companies will use ccTLDs, most of them probably will.

Companies that are now using Pro include Amazon ( and the New York Times (

And, looking ahead, I’m sure the price of this service will drop, which will attract many more companies into the fold.

I’ve collected a running list of companies using ccTLDs in creative ways here. I expect this list to grow rapidly in the months ahead.

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3 thoughts on “ Pro is great news for ccTLD owners”

  1. Sorry, the quote was stripped out of my last comment. Here it is again:

    What features are included in the free bitly.Pro?

    * Whitelabel service for a custom short URL, with up to 10,000 shorten requests a day.
    * The bitly.Pro dashboard, which rolls up analytics about the most viral content from your domain.
    * Seamless integration with the tools you already use around the web. bitly.Pro goes where you go.


  2. I see. So that means that an Amazon-like company will need the enterprise service given their volume but most small companies will be happy enough to use the free version.

    Thanks for clarifying!

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