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Type Russian without the keyboard

There are shortcuts on most English keyboards for entering characters such as á and é.

But I can never seem to remember what those shortcuts are.

Fortunately, there is TypeIt, an online editor that gives you the ability to input non-ASCII characters used by languages such as Spanish, Hungarian, and Russian. Here’s a screen shot:


Operating systems like OSX and Windows also give you the ability to change your keyboard virtually — but that can be a real pain if you only need to input an á.

Tomasz Szynalski launched TypeIt in 2004, and the site gets about 35,000 visits a month. Some people use the editor like I do — to crank out a few characters — while others use it to write entire letters. Russian is the latest keyboard added — and I hope to see more to come.

The site is

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2 thoughts on “Type Russian without the keyboard

  1. Have you seen the Google Virtual Keyboard API which allows you to insert a virtual keyboard into your own website? Not only does it provide a virtual keyboard UI, but it also maps your keys to the virtual keyboard while it’s switch on.

    Here’s the sample code:

    And here’s the blog post announcing it:

  2. Thanks a lot John,

    It is great you can also generate the upper case caracters (very useful in French, for ex. for É)

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