Of Kosovo and .ks

Last year, Montenegro became independent from Serbia and now Kosovo is making a strong push in that direction. But Serbia does not want to let go of Kosovo and has Russia on its side. Meanwhile, Kosovo is appealing to the US for a little help.

What does all this mean for Web globalization executives?

For starters, if Kosovo should become independent, which I think it will, it means we should expect a new country code top level domain (ccTLD). I’m guessing that Kosovo will get the .ks domain.

And this means that companies will have yet another country code to register and ultimately a new country in need of a localized Web site.

As I wrote in March, when Montenegro took the .me domain, it posed some rather unique challenges. As Marissa from HP noted, her company had been using the .me domain for a Middle East Web site. Will Kosovo cause similar domain issues? It all depends on the domain of course, but this is definitely something to keep your eye on.

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9 thoughts on “Of Kosovo and .ks”

  1. > As Marissa from HP noted, her company had been using
    > the .me domain for a Middle East Web site.

    How could it be possible? The “.me” Top-Level Domain was never delegated. And if it was an internal dummy TLD, it was a big mistake.

    Never use dummy TLD, for this exact reason (new TLD can appear).

  2. Let me clarify. HP did not register the .me domain for the Middle East.

    HP used “me” as in “www.hp.com/me” to be a placeholder for their Middle East Web site. They’re not the only company to have done this and it’s a perfectly reasonable strategy — at least until Montenegro got hold of the .me domain.

  3. We should not be concern regarding Kosovo domain. It will be same as Serbian one. This information is 100% reliable.

    • Wrong Michealovic,
      The Republic of Kosovo is already an IMF and World Bank member, thus entitled to its own domain extension.

      Vojvodina will probably get one too as .vo to go with the Vojvodina Academy of Arts and Sciences among other institutions.

  4. Thanks Mr John Yunker.Please let me clarify something.Kosovo is independent Country,here are about 70 country that known our independence. and this numer is growing .And like Montenegro , serbia has lost kosovo , now serbia will lost Vojvodina too.The domain .ks is for Kosovo and nothing cant change it.
    That was for them that dont accept the new reality in Kosovo

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