Transware Ambassador

Yesterday Transware announced its latest version of its globalization CMS software application: Ambassador 6.8. According to the release, the software “allows customers of Transware’s translation services to automate the ordering, workflow, approval and review of their translation and localization projects across the company.” Long-term industry folks will know that Ambassador was acquired from ailing GlobalSight in 2005. Transware has since made a number of improvements to the software. But perhaps the biggest change is that Transware is not for sale — it’s offered as a free hosted platform for Transware clients (similar to Lionbridge’s Freeway platform).

There is one very important quote from the Transware release:

“Customers often think that the key to saving money on translation is in the per-word rates of the target language. And it’ true that some short-term savings can be had by shopping for the lowest rate per word, but really over the long term, significant savings come to companies with an effective workflow for getting content into and out of the translation process.”

So true. As companies evolve from managing two to three language Web sites to twenty to thirty languages, efficient workflow becomes downright critical to controlling costs and content.

Over the last three issues of Global by Design I’ve taken test drives of the latest globalization CMS tools, including Transware Ambassador and SDL TMS (with more to come).

Based on what I’ve seen, Ambassador deserves a look, particularly from companies that are taking a hard look at Lionbridge Freeway.

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