China and Japan: So Close But Yet So Far

The Pew Global Attitudes Project recently conducted a survey of citizens of Japan, China, Pakistan, and India.

Conclusion: These people don’t like each other all that much.

Between contested territories, painful histories, and the simple fact that neighbors often make the best enemies, I guess none of this should come as a surprise.

Here are the numbers for China and Japan:
Pew Asia survey

These numbers may be a little intimidating to Japanese companies hoping to win over Chinese consumers, who are among the most coveted consumers on this planet these days. But they must also pose a challenge to Chinese companies with aspirations of becoming global brands, such a Lenovo and Haier and Chery.

Or, perhaps none of this matters as much anymore when it comes to building a global brand — brands are increasingly created, managed, and (to a growing extent) viewed as distinct from their countries of origin.

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