Alibris Gearing Up to Expand Globally

As books continue to become harder and harder to find on Amazon’s home page, It’s nice to see a Web site like Alibris, which serves up only books, CDs, and DVDs. The company appears to be doing quite well and is gearing up for expansion, in the US and abroad.

According to Internet Retailer, “Jeanie Bunker, formerly the vice president of global direct marketing at Yahoo, has been named vice president, sales and marketing, and has been charged with orchestrating the company’s international expansion.”

So expect to see a localized Alibris site (or two) in the future. Currently, we’ve got Borders going into the Middle East and B&N denying that it is expanding into Israel.

And Amazon has not made any geographic expansion moves in over a year. Last year, I thought they might make a move into India since they already have development people there. But it seems the company is more focused on expanding product lines than expanding into new markets. Perhaps Alibris sees an opportunity that Amazon does not.

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