Baidu Beating Google in China

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) just published a survey of the Chinese search engine market.


Baidu comes out on top in market share. But Google is more popular among high-end users. And Baidu relies heavily on MP3 search to drive traffic, primarily among the younger generation.

But I found this one question to be particularly worrisome for the folks at Google:

For users who never used search 6 months ago, now use as their only or primary search engine:
– Baidu 48.2%
– Sohu 19.6%
– Google 12.5%
– Sina 7.1%

Google does have a 2.6% share of Baidu, but it’s going to have to put a good portion of its newly raised $4bn to work to get the rest.

You can download the full survey report at this link.

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