The Year of the Rabbit

Lunar New Year is here and, with it, my whirlwind tour of global and local websites taking full advantage of this holiday. Here was my tour last year of the year of the tiger.

Not surprisingly, the celebratory color red is well represented across many of these websites.

Apple greets visitors to its China website as follows:

But you don’t have to live in Asia to see this design element. It’s also on the home page, albeit smaller, on the .com/US site:

Here is the Amazon home page in China:

And Adidas:

Here is Gucci China:

And Mercedes — with a blinding amount of red…

Speaking of the year of the rabbit. PLEASE don’t go to breeders to purchase rabbits. Too many of these precious creatures end up abandoned after people realize they are not always easy to care for. And there are not nearly enough rescue organizations to meet the needs for rehoming. Consider a donation to your local animal rescue organization, such as Rabbit Advocates in Portland, Oregon.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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