Australia, Figma and why you should translate your online course

I’ve been meaning to share each of these links for some time now but life has gotten in the way. Better late than never!

Australia makes .AU more user friendly
If you want to visit the home page of say, Amazon in the UK, you have to go to Contrast that with Canada and many other countries, in which you simply tack the country code to the end of the domain:

Australia has long been similar to the Uk in this respect, as in

But no more: auDA welcomes new .au namespace – .au direct. And if you try entering you’ll get to the Australian site (via redirect). I imagine a logo update is forthcoming.

How to Translate Your Course (and Why It’s a Good Idea)
Note: While this article is specific to online courses, it’s effectively about translating any WordPress blog, as Learndash is based on WP. Some good tips on tools.

But there is one major flaw with the localization tools available — and seen above. Those who read this blog already know — that damn flag. Flags should not be used to indicate language. Flags to generally be avoided. Period.

Figma is now part of Adobe (much to the chagrin of most designers I know) but it has done a reasonable good job of beginning its global journey (Adobe is much further along).

Here’s a post on its beginning… Expanding Figma’s International Presence

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