Taking emoji global: Google and Adobe

Two interesting posts to share about the globalization of emoji…

Polishing Up Emoji

Emoji have a global audience and it’s important for them to be globally relevant. Pie emoji is a curious one — it previously looked like a very specific American pumpkin pie (a family favorite!). Now it’s something everyone recognizes.

Source: Google

How emoji can help create a more empathetic world, for all of us

An excellent study conducted by Adobe on emoji around the world…

Adobe’s global emoji study found, overwhelmingly, that emoji even helps people overcome language barriers and form connections that would otherwise be difficult to do.

Source: Adobe

And I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote from Paul Hunt at Adobe:

It is my personal belief that empathy is the most important aspect of communication. We may speak the same language as someone else, but if we are not actively trying to empathize with one another, it becomes difficult to fully understand each other’s meaning.

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