Will FedEx plus TNT equal an improved global website?

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 5.58.28 PM

As FedEx closes its acquisition of TNT Express, I see an opportunity for FedEx to improve its global website.

In the recent Web Globalization Report Card, among delivery services companies, FedEx finished dead last.

TNT supports 37 languages, compared with the relatively paltry 27 languages that FedEx supports.

Hopefully FedEx will embrace a new language baseline of 37 (or more) languages.

DHL, however, still leads the delivery services category.

But I should stress that none of the companies in this category do a particularly good job of website globalization.

There is much room for improvement among all companies — which means this is a great time for a new leader to emerge.

FedEx has been clear that this acquisition is about not only about European growth but global growth. An improved global website (and mobile apps) could be the deciding factor.

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