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Is white the world’s most popular car color?

It’s well known that colors carrying different meanings in different cultures. The paint producer PPG Industries has released results from a global survey on car color preferences around the globe. And it turns out that car consumers in North America, Europe, and Asia prefer white overall.

In Asia, white and silver tied for first place. Black came in second in all three regional markets. So perhaps car buyers around the world are more alike than different, at least when it comes to color preference. I say “perhaps” because I’m still trying to get more details on this particular survey. If anyone can point me to actual sales figures by car color, I’d love to see it.

PS: Andreas (via comment) offered up a link to the leading car colors in Germany. It seems grey and black are in a virtual tie for first place.

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2 thoughts on “Is white the world’s most popular car color?

  1. Hi John,
    you can find information about the colors of newly licenced cars in Germany here:
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thanks Andreas. I’ve added your note to the blog post.

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