Bing Beats Google in Insta-translation

Bing recently added a nifty new translation feature — one that is so simple and in many ways so obvious that I can’t help wondering why Google never got around to doing it. But that’s a topic for a later post.

For now, I’d like you to try entering the following text strings into both Bing and Google (to save you time I created pre-loaded hyperlinks):

Below are screen shots of the first text string in both Bing and Google. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:



Google, despite its massively powerful translation engine, doesn’t simply answer your translation question. Instead, it provides links.

I realize that this is a relatively minor feature and that it currently only supports a small number of very common text strings, but it’s still a very handy feature for a translation geek such as myself.

Now, I’m not saying Bing is perfect. When it comes to technical searches — or when I just need to look up a Wikipedia article quickly — Google still does better, sometimes far better.

But I’m glad to see Bing integrating translation in an intuitive way. It’s a feature that I’ll be using again.

PS: Here is the blog announcement of this feature from Microsoft Translate team.

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5 thoughts on “Bing Beats Google in Insta-translation”

  1. try typing in conversions like:
    “convert 5 miles into km” into both Bing and Google.
    It appears Google wins this round. Not to mention, Google has offered so many free products and Microsoft has ripped off their customers in many ways, that you have to take this into consideration before you decide which search engine to support.

  2. yeah, but you’d have to type translate everytime you search, and if you translate whole pages you wouldn’t see everything you type in

    going to the translating pages is much better

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