I’m a PC

It’s been about a month since my last post and I’ve got a good excuse for the radio silence:  I’ve been busy moving from San Diego to Seattle, selling a house, renting an apartment, and learning how to navigate my way through rush hour to Redmond.

Oh, and I started work at Microsoft as a program manager on the Global Product Development team in Global Foundation Services. The people here are passionate about Web globalization, which is what I’m going to be focused on.

Now, I should insert a disclaimer here: This is my personal blog and in no way related to my work for Microsoft. If I do blog about the company in the months ahead, it’s going to be my two cents only, and it will only be about publicly known products and developments.

I do plan to continue this blog. I have a backlog of Web globalization topics to publish and hopefully I’ll find some spare moments soon.

As for Byte Level Research — needless to say, I will not offering consulting services, and I have removed our “Services” section from the site. But my partner, Midge Raymond, will keep the company moving. She has some product ideas for the year ahead as well.

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