Iran reaches 100,000 country code registrations

According to Iran’s registry, the country reached 100,000 .ir registrations last month.

For a country of 65 million people, 100,000 registrations is still a drop in the bucket.

Compare that with the UK, a country with 60 million people and 6 million .uk registrations. Nevertheless, you gotta start somewhere, and I’m glad to see Iran slowly becoming a more visible part of the Internet.

It’s also worth noting that many Iranian sites use the .com address and many non-Iranian companies have registered .ir, such as Sony, located at

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2 thoughts on “Iran reaches 100,000 country code registrations”

  1. there is more things to consider with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The 70 million people live in a near communist state, with a private sector that is basically small-scale workshops, farming, and services. Not often needing web sites.

    UK literacy is about 99%, Iranian literacy barely 75%.

    UK population is about 60 million, and there are about 70 million mobile phones (a good measurement on how high tech a country is). Iran’s 70 million people have about 20 million phones. Not quite the same thing.

    More power to the people of Iran, I hope that they get on the Gore Internet Highway, but don’t see it happening quickly.

    Wanting to avoid religion and politics, also remember that they country has access to international sites restricted, so there is less of a reason to have a site, much less one in Iran. Much easier to get a dot com – and cheaper – and host their site in another country.

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