As I wrote awhile back, Montenegro has gotten approval for its own top-level country code domain (ccTLD).

The code is .me and should be available for registration early in 2008.

Here is the registry.

And here are a few government Web sites already hosted at .me:

I can imagine a host of very interesting ways to have fun with this domain:


I put a question in to the registry as to what their policy will be for those living outside of the country.

I’m sure they are well aware of the revenue implications of a more relaxed registration policy.

UPDATE: I was just told that the registry does intend to open this domain to the world, which means there could be quite a run on domains when it becomes available. They still have not yet selected a registrar to handle registrations for the public.

PS: Our brand new Country Codes of the World map does include this new domain.

domains .me

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