Jupiter jumps in to Web globalization research

One way to measure the size of an industry is by the number of analysts covering it.

When I got started covering Web globalization back in 2000, to my knowledge I was the only one.

IDC had issued a few reports that sized the localization market and analyzed the vendors, but there was nobody who was talking about “Web globalization” as a field onto itself.

And even for a number of years after I could count on one hand the number of people who focused on this field.

Now you might think that was a good thing, because I had so little competition. But I’ve found that as more firms have entered this field that it’s been so much easier for us to market our reports and services.

After all, if Forrester Research, who has the ear of a heck of a lot more CEOs than I do, says Web globalization is important — which it has been doing now for some time — then we all benefit.

So I was pleased today to read that Jupiter Research has launched a Web globalization service. This will be one to watch.

Now that both Forrester and Jupiter are focused on this field, what about that gorilla of research companies, Gartner?

Nothing so far, but I’ll keep you posted…

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