If The World Were 100 People…

If the world’s population of 6.3 billion people were represented by just 100 people, where would they live?

If the world were 100 people�

More than two-thirds of them would live in Asia and Africa.

Next would be Europe, with 12 residents, and Latin America, with 8.

Only five people would live in North America.

Looking at global growth trends, it’s safe to say that Asia and Africa are likely to gain a few residents in the years ahead, while Europe is in danger of losing residents.

How many people have Internet access
Of these 100 people, only 16 currently have Internet access.

Here’s where they live:
> 6 live in Asia> 5 live in Europe
> 3 live in North America
> 1 lives in Latin America
> 1 lives in “Rest of World”

What languages do they speak?

Of the 16 people with Internet access, here’s how they are represented by their native languages:
> 5 speak English
> 2 speak Chinese
> 1 speaks Japanese
> 1 speaks Spanish
> 7 speak “Rest of World” languages

I’ve developed a one-page handout that includes this information. You can download it here.

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