American Airlines Upgrades US Spanish Web Site

By now, most of the major US airlines offer Spanish-languange content on their Web sites But only a few offer fully localized flight reservation systems, which is where the money is.

A few years ago, Southwest Airlines was the first to launch a localized reservation engine. This was followed by Continental, Northwest, and Alaska Air. It’s fun to watch momentum build for Web localization within industries. Once a leader takes the plunge the rest dive right in.

American Airlines Spanish
And now American Airlines has launched a reservation engine in Spanish. Not only is the engine in Spanish, but the site offers a Spanish “gateway” at where users select their home country. From what I can tell American Airlines is using the “universal” flavor of Spanish, which, despite its critics, has worked quite well for the many companies I’ve spoken with over the years. So, kudos to

Now, who will be next airline to upgrade? Will it be United? Jet Blue? Both have Spanish content on their Web sites, but still no flight reservation engine.

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4 thoughts on “American Airlines Upgrades US Spanish Web Site”

  1. Interesting that the country selection does not have either España or an international selection. Does AA not want to take orders from Spanish speakers in Canada or Spain?

  2. Hi John,

    Were you aware that our travel site, albeit not an airline but a hotel chain site, at has had its reservation engine in Spanish, as well as German, French, and Japanese for several years now?


    Disclaimer: I work for Choice Hotels International, Inc.

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