Tridion Adds New Client: Sodexho

Global content management software vendor Tridion announced a large client win today: Sodexho. According to the press release, “Sodexho Alliance, the leading global provider of Food and Facilities Management services, has selected the Tridion Web Content Management Suite to be the driving force behind the launch of its estimated 50 new global websites as part of the company’s initiative to unify its branding and messaging.”


I spoke with the folks at Tridion a few weeks ago for a feature in the next issue of Global by Design and I can see why this company is doing well. The software is offered at price points that allow companies (or departments within companies) to ease into Web globalization, it looks relatively easy to use, and it plays well with others, such as SDL’s translation memory software. But more important, the software has a nifty “blueprint” feature that gives global marketing teams a big-picture understanding of how content is created, disseminated, and translated across borders, brands, and languages.

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