Global by Design November: Nike, ING, .asia

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Global by Design - November 2006

In this issue, we analyze Nike’s new global navigation architecture. Recently, Nike migrated from a country-oriented navigation to a language-oriented navigation, which would appear to be the wrong way to go. Most companies tend to migrate in precisely the opposite direction. Yet I think this move was a good move for Nike, although more changes will be required as Nike adds more localized Web sites. And there are still gaps in the current execution.

There is a larger issue at play here as well that I focus on in the article — the issue of balancing the need for brand Web sites to remain visually independent while still ensuring a consistent global navigation experience for users who may surf between these brand Web sites.

Other topics in this issue include an update on Internet Explorer 7 and whether or not companies should register the new .asia domain that is coming in 2007. We also look at the latest Web globalization moves at ING, Starbucks, E*TRADE, and Deloitte.

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