Alaska Air: Flying the Spanish Skies

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have launched a Spanish-language Web site, joining the ranks of Southwest Airlines, United, and five other airlines (You can view the full list here).
Alaska Airlines

The company has translated more than 3,000 Web pages. Most important, the flight reservation engine has been localized, as well as the mileage plan application.

This Web site isn’t just about serving US customers; Alaska Air has a growing business in Mexico as well.

And the company isn’t just stopping at the Web site. According to their press release, “By early 2007, Alaska and Horizon will add Spanish-language options at airport check-in kiosks. Alaska also plans by mid-2007 to more than double the number of Spanish-speaking reservations agents at its call centers, replace in-flight interpreters with bilingual flight attendants on flights serving non-resort destinations in Mexico, offer Spanish content in its in-flight magazine, and make Spanish-language announcements on flights to and from the Los Angeles basin.”

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