McDonald’s Scores with “McRice Burger”


The Taipei Times (by way of McChronicles) reports that McDonald’s Taiwan has sold 5 million units of its home-grown rice burger after only six months on the market. Not bad.

More important, McDs is looking to expand its new burger globally. Could it play in the US? Apparently, the burger consists of a choice of either chicken or beef sandwiched between rice buns. So much for the vegetarian market.

But let’s take a look at the calorie content:

rice burger: 378 calories
Big Mac: 529 calories

It certainly can’t hurt to give it a shot. After all, the Happy Meal was concocted by a Kansas City ad agency as a one-time promotion and look where that ended up.

The article also notes that “McDonald’s Taiwan has developed several products in the past, including Japanese style pork burger, kimchi burger, grain burger and others, but none of the products have had the success of the rice burgers.”

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