Lionbridges Wins Siemens


Lionbridge (Nasdaq: LIOX), today announced that Siemens Medical Solutions, one of the largest suppliers of healthcare equipment, has signed a master agreement that names Lionbridge as an external globalization partner.

With the agreement, Lionbridge will help Siemens Medical Solutions further its European and Asian market strategy by localizing syngo, Siemens’ software platform for medical systems and applications and LEONARDO, the syngo-based workplace for intelligent post-processing. Lionbridge is localizing the user interface, online help and Web documentation of the software suite into several European and Asian languages. Lionbridge will also provide ongoing services for Siemens, including localizing marketing materials, online documentation, support and other content.

“Lionbridge is providing the reliability, process efficiency and industry expertise we need to support our complex, international product cycles,” said Robert Hebel, Vice President Marketing for Software Components, Siemens Medical Solutions. “By working with Lionbridge we are able to meet the regulatory needs of a growing number of markets and further our proven reputation for delivering the most advanced, highest quality medical software products in the industry. With Lionbridge as a long-term localization partner, we are reducing costs, enhancing quality and speeding our time to market.”

Lionbridge is working with Siemens Medical Solutions to enhance and

implement a highly reliable localization process and methodology. This,

combined with Lionbridge’s technology-based service model, is enabling Siemens Medical Solutions to shorten its product release schedule, improve operational efficiencies while ensuring consistency of product content across all

languages and end markets.

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