Pampering Russia

This is a great article about Procter & Gamble’s adventures in Russia.

While currency devalatuations have been challenging, the economy has since stabilized and sales are growing at 50% annually (although revenues are still a fraction of US revenues). Products such as Pampers, Tide and Pantene have been very successful (though they must be priced aggressively).


Here’s an excerpt that highlights the complexities of marketing in Russia:

…P&G must alter marketing strategies that have worked for decades in the United States.

Alex Nasard of Procter’s Moscow marketing office said the company uses straightforward pitches rather than the entertaining, nuanced ads aired in the United States. Nasard said Russians are more immune to propaganda because of years of communism.

P&G also has left English labels on most products, to maintain the company’s global branding as well as appealing to Russian customers’ desire for anything American.

Here’s the article.

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