Join me in Santa Clara next month for a web globalization event

September 14, 2014:  The  San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears. The San Francisco 49ers 2014 season opening day at Levi's Stadium. Selected view and Images from around the Levi's Stadium. The 49ers Lost 28-20 to the Bears at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. (49ers Photo)

I’m pleased to be presenting next month in Santa Clara, California on website globalization best practices.

I’ll be drawing heavily on the most recent Report Card. And I’ll also be joined by a panel of web globalization experts.

Here are the details:

March 22, 2016
11:30 am
Santa Clara, CA
Bourbon Steak & Pub at Levi’s Stadium

The presentation is sponsored by SDL and it is free. So if you’re around I hope you can join us.

Click here to register.

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Author: John Yunker

John co-founded Byte Level Research in 2000 and is author of The Web Globalization Report Card. He also co-founder of Ashland Creek Press.