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Global gateway fail: App Annie

I want to focus on App Annie because it appears the company is planning to significantly expand its global reach — and therefore needs a gateway suited to task.

Currently, App Annie supports five languages.

But you might not know this because the gateway is buried in the footer, as shown here:


To App Annie’s credit, the website uses language detection, so users with web browsers that match one of these five languages will see the website in that language. But let’s suppose they would rather select a different language? They then have some scrolling to do.

When using language detection or geolocation you are in effect taking power out of your web user’s hands.

You may be guessing correctly in the end but you have to give the user easy access to control over his or her language selection. That’s why it’s vital that the visual global gateway be located in the header.

To learn more, check out The Art of the Global Gateway.


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