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Xiaomi launches as its global “front door”

I’ve long been curious how Xiaomi would take its brand name global.

The name itself can be challenging for us Western speakers to pronounce, let alone spell correctly. That’s not to say the name is destined to fail, as foreign brand names can be very successful in the long term.

But what if there were a shorter, catchier brand name out there? Or an abbreviated version of Xiaomi.

Like “mi.”

Enter, the global brand name/face of the company.

According to The Next Web, the company claims 2 million users outside of China as of December 2013.

Unfortunately, the new website buries the global gateway in the footer. I’ll have to speak to them about that!



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One thought on “Xiaomi launches as its global “front door”

  1. nice looking website. thanks for sharing this John. I often wonder about moving the gateway link to the footer. I see it frequently. Do you think that IF proper language negotiation is used, it would be ok to put it into the footer? meaning, if we can figure out where to send people, would it be ok that we free up valid screen real estate and move the global gateway link from it’s traditional (top right) position into the footer?

    i’d be more concerned with the gateway not being recognizable due to the fact that’ it’s not translated and that there is no icon to indicate it. this is what I see on the chinese site: .. hard to know ‘what’ this drop down is without clicking it open.

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