Xiaomi’s global expansion plans include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand


In January, I wrote about Xiaomi’s success in crowdsourced translation of its operating system — and how this bodes well for global expansion.

Xiaomi, for those who’ve never heard of it, is a fast-growing mobile phone company in China — and a company with global aspirations.

Xiaomi VP (and ex-Google Android boss) Hugo Barra recently shed light on the markets that Xiaomi will be targeting initially. Here they are:

  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Brazil, Mexico, and potentially other Latin American countries

Malaysia is next in line as the company expands across Asia. But also note Latin America in that list — which in my view will also include the US.

Naturally, I gave the Xiaomi website a quick once-over.

Shown below is the header —  note the globe icon used for the global gateway.

Xiaomi global gateway

Only Chinese and English are  supported currently, though I expect this to change in the year ahead…


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